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Cloud Messaging Platform for developers building Realtime Mobile, Web, and IoT Applications.

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Message Delivery

We are able to reliably deliver messages to connected devices, even under challenging network conditions.

Push Notifications

Apar support push notifications for mobile apps and web browsers, allowing users to receive updates even when they are not actively using an app or website.

Transactional Messaging

Platform can be used to send transactional messages, such as order confirmations, shipping notifications, or payment reminders. This can help improve customer service and streamline business operations.

Real-Time Messaging

We support real-time messaging, allowing users to send and receive messages instantly.


We are able to scale to meet the needs of growing businesses, handling large volumes of messages and users without compromising performance.


The platforms have robust security features to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.

Use Cases

Developers need a real time data delivery platform that is easy to use and can be relied on. Chat, Messaging, Video Calling, Live Streaming, Location Tracking are just a few cases where this need is huge.


Platform provides analytics and reporting tools, allowing businesses to track message engagement, user behavior, and other key metrics.

Customer Support

It can be used to provide customer support through chatbots or human agents. This can help improve customer satisfaction and reduce support costs.

Smart Automation

IoT messaging platforms can be used to send messages between different smart devices in a home automation system. For example, when a motion sensor detects movement, it can send a message to the smart lights to turn on.


This can be used in healthcare settings to monitor patients' health remotely. For example, sensors on a patient's bed can send messages to healthcare providers if the patient is not sleeping well or is experiencing other health issues.

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